Frequently asked questions

What is InterWAP VPN?
What should i use Interwap for?

InterWAP VPN is useful when you have Internet restrictions. For example, when your provider is blocking you from accessing online games, torrents, or online movies. InterWAP is an application that helps you to pass these restrictions like: blocked ports, restricting access to some websites, some online games, torrents, dc ++ and other p2p programs, or any other restriction except bandwidth or traffic restrictions.

Can i bypass the restrictions of a HTTP Proxy using Interwap VPN?

Yes, with our app you can bypass HTTP Proxy restrictions.

What may i use InterWAP VPN for?
You can use InterWAP for anything except illegal activities like phishing, spam, flood or any ther hacking methods. More information are provided in our terms of service.

You will be able to play online games even if you are in a restricted network, or in an institution where internet access is through proxy. You will be able to download torrents or join Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

You can use programs for FTP, SSH, you will be able to play games such as: League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Metin, Left 4 Dead, DOTA, Combat Arms, Crossfire, Lineage, Counter Strike, Cabal, Poker Stars and any other online game even through proxy!

How can i pay?

You can pay with PayPal, credit or debit card, bitcoin, bankwire. For more payment methods do not hesitate to contact us.

How do i unsubscribe?

InterWAP VPN is a PrePaid service, you can use it as long as you pay for it.

How to configure InterWAP VPN?

InterWAP VPN is very simple to use!
Install our application. Once Interwap VPN is installed, open it and click on Settings (you can also configure http proxy if there is one set on your network). Fill in your Username (email address) and your Password, then click Save and Connect.

Is this method legal?

Yes. VPN Tunneling is perfectly legal. Restrictions imposed by Internet providers could be considered illegal, censorship is not accepted in our country.


How to install Interwap VPN
How to configure Interwap VPN?

1. From our app click on Settings, then:

enter your email and password (the ones used to signup on our website)

2. Optional - if your network has http proxy, check the setting and enter your proxy host and proxy port.

3. Save, and then Connect

How do i activate an Interwap VPN account?

This is really simple, after you registered on our website click on "Activate VPN". Then select the period and payment gateway.


What happens when I receive Incorrect username or password?
By restricted proxy I can not connect to steam. How do i proceed?

If you are connecting from a proxy-restricted network after the Interwap VPN application is connected, please remove proxy from Internet Explorer or Chrome (browser) and try again. If you still can not connect to steam please contact [email protected].

Why does my app still disconnects me?

When the Internet connection drops for a few seconds, the application disconnects. So you do not have to sign in again manually, in Settings you have the Auto-Reconnect function, just check the box and save.
Another reason your app will disconnect would be if another device tries to connect with the same login data. Please do not share your login data, and change your password as soon as possible Client Area.

For more information, use the data below!

Info: +4 0723 996 387 or on our email address [email protected]