About our company!

Interwap VPN is operated by NEXONHOST SRL, based in Lipova (Arad), Romania. With security experience of over 10 years, our company offers its unrestricted access to the internet with through our own application.

What makes us different!

We are not a very big company but we are very careful to our clients, in order to offer them the best quality services.

Our Network and Infrastructure

We run our own network and server infrastructure. We have presence in Romania (NaTC Datacenter).
For any other information do not hesitate to contact us.


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Thanks to Interwap VPN I can download torrents and watch my favorite football matches in my student dorm.

- Andrisescu Cristi / Student
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I use interwap to play league of legends from Timisoara University's campus.

- Gonciulea Cosmin / Student